10 Fun & Engaging Ideas to Get Your New Employees On-board

Starting a new job is an important milestone for every working person. And an organization can play a significant role by laying the right foundations for new joiners. It starts with the onboarding of the employees. The fun and engaging employees on-board is a powerful way to boost employee retention because “first impression is the last impression.”

Then, how to effectively onboard employees? The employees on-board process must be exciting and varied to bind new talents to the company. It can be designed with expertise, peer insights, fun activities, and more. And, of course, a reliable HR team also helps make the onboarding process more efficient and smoother.

There is a growing trend of companies implementing onboarding programs to attract and retain new talent. Here are 10 fun and effective ideas to get your new employees on-board.

Here we go!

1. Creative Videos for a Warm Welcome

Creating appropriate welcome videos for each department and role can go a long way here.

Many online services can help you create short but impactful videos in minutes. A successful welcome video gives the new colleague a clear idea of your company’s values, culture, and goals. Also, it creates a feeling of welcome and thus strengthens the desire to stay.

We need to mention that such video production does not have to be expensive. The costs incurred are a comparatively low price when you consider that these videos effectively increase staff retention and give new employees on-board a good feeling right from the start.

2. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Many companies are heading to a “scavenger hunt” idea for new employees on-board – after the first probationary period, of course.

For those who didn’t hear of scavenger hunts- it’s game, typically played in an extensive outdoor area.

These techniques are great for building bonds with new hires, introducing them to the company’s values, and helping them work together to achieve its goals.

On the other hand, a scavenger hunt must also fit in with the rest of the corporate culture. If you primarily work with reserved and introverted people, this idea may not attract the right people.

3. Send Important Information in Advance – but Carefully

Give the new colleagues everything they need to know before their first day at work.

Send them an email outlining the employee’s on-board process and insights into day one. But don’t overload this message. Not all formalities have to be completed on the first day of work. And there can be a little tension.

4. Goodie Packs Are Always a Good Idea

Believe us: By sending or distributing goodie packages, you can easily and reliably score points with your employees.

These packages can contain anything: stationery with your company’s name or logo on it, something practical for the workplace, or just a bit of nerve-feeding in the form of tasty snacks. Whether your company works remotely or in the office (or both), a box with gifts, sweets, or savory treats will delight all employees!

5. Productive First Week

Companies like Quora support new team members who want to start immediately. By the end of the first week of work, they have already worked on their first manageable project. New employees immediately feel that they contributed something to their first weekend.

Facebook also relies on this strategy: A large part of the onboarding is already completed before the first day of work. New employees only spend around 45 minutes on day 1 with things like getting to know each other or tours. Then it’s on to the first project.

6. A Buddy Makes It Easier to Get Started

You make it much easier for new colleagues to get started if you provide them with a buddy or mentor.

This should be someone who has been around for a while and knows the company well. An email in which the person introduces themselves and offers their support is guaranteed to be well received!

In addition, the person can act as a valuable contact point for other employees. We all know it: as a new colleague, you sometimes feel a bit alone at the beginning. Especially if you are actually alone in the home office. A buddy who stands by you with advice and action is worth its weight in gold in this phase.

7. Small Games for an Easy Job Start

You must make your new hires feel comfortable, especially when they’re in a meeting full of unfamiliar faces. A simple way to do this is to include fun activities or short games at the beginning and end of an introduction session.

Activities such as table tennis, original tastings, or promotions based on fun facts have proven to eliminate tension and stress in new team members. You create a positive working environment and ensure the well-being of all your employees.

And it doesn’t have to be big or expensive: you can, for example, create a puzzle that shows what kind of animal each person is based on their personality. This may sound silly initially, but it has great entertainment value, honors employees with all their specialties, and gives newcomers a moment to breathe deeply.

8. Appointments for a Coffee Together

The first few days at work are an ideal time for you to get to know new employees over a coffee. You’ll learn about their expectations, personalities, working styles, and more.

The shared passion for coffee can open the doors to interesting conversations! Plan blind dates among your co-workers or ask them to plan such dates themselves. It shouldn’t matter whether these take place on the first or fourth day. The main thing is that all employees feel part of your company from day one.

To ensure that such coffee dates take place regularly, you can provide your new employees on-board with vouchers for various cafes. This gives them the feeling of belonging in the coming weeks/months.

9. Three Things New Hires Look Forward to at Your Company

Asking new hires to name three things they’re particularly looking forward to in their new job is a great way to learn more about them while also finding out what they enjoy about their job.

Ideally, you’ll ask this on day one, but you can schedule the question after you’ve met him/her in person. Such questions are an icebreaker and ensure that everyone on your team has similar expectations of working at their company.

This is a good exercise to get to know your employees on an individual level. On the other hand, your newcomers can show that they are ambitious, that they can achieve their tasks, and that you can also entrust them with demanding tasks.

10. A Welcome Sign for a Positive Vibe

Welcome signs are a traditional and proven measure that has not lost effectiveness even today.

You can use them to score points with new employees on-board right from the start. Feel free to be creative! It can be a handwritten note or an unusual greeting card. If your new employees react enthusiastically, greet them with a high-five if you think it’s appropriate – again, this eliminates a formality that may be perceived as oppressive. Such small gestures can effectively help people feel at home in their new environment.


Onboarding is one of the most important factors in the success of your employees. A good start creates lasting momentum.

Most onboarding ideas can be creatively developed and implemented with little effort. Look for the most likely to be implemented in your company. Don’t forget to get regular feedback and measure the results.

Lastly. Are you looking for a way to make your onboarding process more structured and efficient? Do you want to offer your employees more fun when joining the company? Great! NYGGS can help you with its HR Software! Let’s make your new team member’s first few days and weeks unforgettable. Happy onboarding 🙂