Application Tracking System – 6 Tips and Tricks know about ATS for Your Business

What can the HRs do to ensure that it hires the ideal employee? They use their robust knowledge and take help from reliable tools; the Application Tracking System (ATS) in this case.

For any company, a systematic selection of candidates is very important since it determines how well the company is able to acquire talent. Isn’t it?

Choosing the right employees who will add value to the future of your business is not just a thing. The new additions to the workforce must have the ideal characteristics to push the company forward, solve the problems that have led to their hiring, and/or satisfy the needs that the company requires of them. And not only that; do you know what could happen to a company if it hires the wrong person? Incur a decrease in productivity, a loss of customers and, therefore, profits. Let’s learn about how ATS can help, keep reading.

What is a Hiring or Candidate Selection Process?

A selection or recruitment process is a set of steps the company must follow to hire the right person.

But, before entering the selection process, there is a preliminary phase that every company must study in detail. It is about analyzing everything related to the vacant position, such as:

  1. How many positions are there?
  2. What are their characteristics?
  3. What does the company need from that figure?
  4. What will their functions be?

Finally, we must calculate the budget this will take because it has to be managed effectively if we do not want the company to lose.

Now that you know what a selection process entails, you will have seen that it involves a large volume of work. Imagine you received tons of resumes! That is why ATS technology was born; the software specialized in managing this process, optimizing it, and automating it as much as possible.

What is Application Tracking System Software?

NYGGS ATS Software (Applicant Tracking Systems) is a tool that aims to facilitate the work of the Human Resources department.

A platform of this type is responsible for collecting all the candidate information and monitoring the selection itself. Based on parameters that can be customized, this type of software filters the data of each possible employee to reduce the amount intelligently.

Companies with this tool can optimize the time of those responsible for Human Resources, who will obtain better opportunities for attracting talent.

Application Tracking System

Benefits of Having an Application Tracking System for Your Business

Not all companies need ATS Tool because it depends on whether it suits their needs or not. Now, implementing it would have guaranteed benefits; let’s see them.

You save time in the hiring process

We have already highlighted this as the main benefit of having an applicant tracking system. All those companies that receive many resumes, ATS can benefit more.

Automatically discard duplicate application

Imagine you receive duplicate applications, and you have no way to discard them automatically. If all these processes are carried out by hand, it will take time for HR to review all the resumes. Here, Application Tracking Software plays a key role.

An ATS software offers you the best candidates

With specialized software, you can make sure that the best candidates (or those that best suit the needs of the position) are those who get to interview with your company’s employer. The selection of the best candidates depends on an algorithm or keywords that must appear in the resumes.

The software then runs its “AI algorithm,” the first phase in a personnel selection process.

Reduce selection costs

If you reduce the selection process time, you are ultimately saving the company’s cash. ATS will help wrap up the process, from screening to confirming the candidacy, in minimum time.

Improve the candidate experience

Application Tracking System Software offers a much more attractive job portal adapted to the image of your company. Because your first impression, like theirs, is also very important. You will want to attract those candidates who can adapt and be part of your company philosophy, but… if you do not transmit a clear idea, they will never receive it.

In addition, company job portals can greatly facilitate the selection process, making candidates more willing to see it through to the end.

Choosing the Best ATS Software

An ATS can make your life and your HR’s work more productive and easier… if it is intuitive and simple to use.

The first thing that a Human Resources department has to do when it wants to select the best ATS software for its company is to prepare a budget and see what needs it has to satisfy and how it has to be to adapt to the HR policy and the company culture.

Once you have established selection criteria and have some solutions in mind, it is time to test the interface. Some platforms, like NYGGS Application Tracking System, offer a live demo in which you can observe and then decide on the purchase.

Why Choose NYGGS Application Tracking System?

See, the point is which ATS provider is the perfect fit for your business needs. The price-value ratio must be in-line with your budget. Therefore, NYGGS is here to serve you with a cost-effective and completely customizable ATS solution so you can go high in the ever-evolving environment.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has you covered! Our cutting-edge technology automates tedious recruitment and selection processes, making searching, hiring, and onboarding the right people simple and intuitive. Some of the features and benefits it offers are:

  • Blacklist unwanted candidates
  • Filter duplicate applications automatically
  • Create a requisition list based on role, priority, skillset, and more
  • Schedule interviews and display candidate status to all stakeholders
  • Integrate with job boards and have a customizable email for communication

Applicant Tracking System Tool is designed to make the application process easier and more efficient. Let’s save time, energy & stress by choosing NYGGS ATS today!


An applicant tracking system (ATS) can leverage the hiring process effectively. It saves time and cost so that HR can focus on other crucial administrative tasks or employee engagement strategies.

So, if you are tired of paper applications, tedious manual processes, and difficulties in reviewing perfect candidates- NYGGS Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help. You will experience minimal vetting times, simplified data storage procedures, and organized applicant tracking. Its customizability and cost-effectiveness make it the best applicant tracking system in India. So get to work and find your perfect ATS software!