Features and Benefits of Attendance Software

For many years there has been a manual system to track employees’ entry and exit times.

It is a task that has always been in constant evolution. In the current world, the old complex systems have changed and become simple-to-use software. This software system is now called attendance tracking software.

Now, employees need their fingerprints or faces to record their entry-exit timings. In short, this software stores the attendance records automatically of each worker. Also, it automates the calculations of absences, leaves, and overtime to make fair pay. This information provides management with visibility into critical workflows.

Further, Attendance software offers many more features and benefits. Let us find out.

Features of Attendance Software

Track Leaves & Holidays

Try attendance tracking software if you have problems scheduling your workers’ leave. It is the best way to record leaves as it automates your attendance workload.

It allows you to differentiate with or without pay, vacations, medical, and personal leaves. Also, the visual representation is quite a reliable feature that lets you get insights quickly. Now get greater clarity and transparency of the leave outputs.

Save Cost and Time

Any employee involved in human capital management knows that payroll processing is hard. With the best time and attendance software, streamlining worked hours saves businesses costs and time. An example of complex payroll services includes distinguishing between hours worked per employee and different compensation levels.

Furthermore, overtime, paid time off, and traditional work hours affect labor costs differently. As a result, cost and time savings are huge reasons why many small businesses invest in attendance software.

Automatic Alerts

Another feature of the best time and attendance software is the possibility of creating personalized alerts. Customise reminders according to your company’s needs.

So this technology will help you automatically detect delays and absences and schedule tasks. It directs the HR department about tasks that must be performed periodically, such as generating reports and analysis.

Here are the benefits of having the best attendance-tracking software.

Benefits of Attendance Software

These systems have multiple benefits for the company:

Total employee attendance management. It always knows who is in the company, who has already left, and who is on vacation.

Installation is usually simple and does not need a large investment. To say that, it is simple enough to purchase a tablet from which employees can enter and exit.

They can be fully customized depending on the needs of each company. The shifts, the starting hours, the working hours… are not the same in each company. These devices are fully adaptable to each of them.

Statistics report. The administrator can view visual information based on daily statistics anytime.

Track vacation requests. The software lets you track, accept, or deny vacation requests with proper reason.

Schedule flexibility. This system allows the adaptability of going to work earlier or later. So, just give it hours that must be met daily and weekly to mark full-time.

It Improves the company’s productivity. Since it automates all the attendance-related tasks, you can focus on other crucial tasks.

In general, these innovative systems are adapting to the market’s new needs. To clarify, it is gradually making life easier for employees. Moreover, most attendance software providers offer an app, a self-service portal for employees.

NYGGS attendance tracking software benefits you with these features. In addition, it is constantly updated to keep your company’s best ally.

Choose NYGGS attendance software, more than a simple attendance registration system!